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She is best known for being a vocalist and somehow being a standout sexy component in a group with an embarrassment of riches in that regard in Nine Muses. The only reason to feel bad for Moon Hyuna is that she shares a name with another Hyuna who is more famous and also eagerly chases the sex appeal demographic. The only mildly surprising thing is that in Nine Muses, where it would be easy to shuffle Hyuna into the background and only use her for close ups ala Yoona in SNSD , Hyuna is also one of the more talented singers in the group who gets her own fair share of lines which she sings with a medium tenor that is pretty damn good. Pretty, hot and talented? Hyuna is so hot that the sun gets flustered in her presence. A god damn selca is destroying everything in the brain. Hyuna makes the the Seven Wonders of the World look basic.

HyunA Shares Cute Dogs on Instagram

Hyuna is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and performer known for her unique voice, upbeat music, insanely sexy but cute image, and for breaking down barriers for women in K-pop and promoting confidence over everything, making her a role model for girls everywhere. Photo Courtesy of YouTube. And this is mine. Recently though, the singer has been making headlines and causing a stir in the industry—all because of her dating life.

Their close relationship was also shown in behind the scenes clips and during performances.

The week after, Hyuna was preparing for her comeback, she was really depressed (as Lee Joon said, he was comforting her when people thought they were dating). “A bitter day” was already pre-recorded, Hyuna wrote her parts, Junhyung wrote his, it was Pre released.

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HYUNA(현아) – ‘빨개요 (RED)’ (Official Music Video)

Do you need to be Korean to be in K-Pop? No dating While the industry is changing and the boundaries of what constitutes K-Pop being forever expanded, the genre has long been associated with the intensely manufactured idol groups. Members of those groups often sign with labels in their late teens, living together with other artists and taking part in intense training, performance and promotional regimens that can leave stars burned out and isolated from friends and family at a young age.

Last year, South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission ordered labels to stop pushing so-called “slave contracts” on artists, which imposed onerous financial penalties on idols if they attempted to quit groups or otherwise breached agreements such as “no dating” clauses. Even for those artists permitted to date by their employers, fan backlash could prevent them from having much of a love life.

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Yeah, I’m gonna do that again. Girl, that’s not what stilletos are for! Ugh, not loving her voice in the first verse. Girl, what you got down throat to make it sound like that? HyunA and red is a good combination. Damn, okay, yeah, if i had a body like yours, I’d be flaunting it in a gold one piece too. Why are your backup dancers wearing animal heads though?

XD Huh, why is everyone asleep but you HyunA? Oh, for a moment there I thought she was stripping and I was like “really now? Haha, so that’s why you have a shot of a monkey’s butt in the beginning of the MV.

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He was also involved in writing and performing the rap section for 4minute’s album “Hit Your Heart”, in the song “Who’s Next? Junhyung was also featured in “Faddy Robot Foundation” together with 4minute’s Hyuna, Outsider, Verbal Jint, Mighty Mouth’s Ssangchu, Vasco and Zico; all profit from this album has been promised to be given out to charity.

He was also featured as a rapper for Hyuna’s album “Bubble Pop! A Town With Soul”.

South Korea: Drama: The Princess and the Matchmaker. Korean Movie. South Korea: Movie: 1: V Love.

Actually it’s because i heard some rumors last year and I can’t help but to share my thought. So, did you ever heard about Sehun-Hyuna dating rumors? I think it starts in after some knetz found out many similarities between Sehun and Hyuna instagram post. This is the example of their similar ig post. Actually I already heard about this rumors back in but I don’t really give an attention about that.

At that time I think that it’s just a random deduction made by some random fans. I mean they assumed that they’re dating just because they posted similar picture. Maybe it can be only a coincidence. I don’t think their post is very similar either, it’s just a little bit similar. Beside I never seen any of their interaction.

Asian Celebs: Gossip & Music Thread (Part IV)

Junior champion Yuna Kim won her first major title in , when she claimed gold in the World Junior Championships ahead of Mao Asada, the Japanese skater who would later become one of her main rivals at senior level. James Bond Girl Kim chose to perform her short programme to a medley of soundtracks from the James Bond movies, impressing both the public and the judges with her technical prowess and bold artistry, executing flawless sequences of the most difficult jumps such as triple lutz and triple toe loops to set a new world record of Her interpretation of the choreography was equally majestic, and her score of

Hyuna even appeared in a Funny or Die sketch with singer Rita Ora in titled “Better Walk.” is also when the singer released her infamous single “Red” from the album “A Talk,” which was a worldwide success praised by Billboard, who said she had established herself as a global pop brand.

That last link via The Grand Narrative , a very useful resource for those interested in messages about gender in Korean popular culture. Whether they are fairly compensated is another story. You Find the Above Off-Putting: The K-pop machine has been churning out more and more groups, and each in turn has worse and worse odds of gaining enough popularity to ensure long-term survival. In short, f x is a very good way to impress your non-K-pop-familiar rivals without having to wander too far from the mainstream.

The quartet puts on world tours, hits various global fashion weeks, and parties with M. She looked different then? Yes, yes, she did.

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As the three are friends, they were asked a number of questions where they had to pick which of them fit the description most. Do you know what I heard a while ago? Amber chose to share this information, she was under no pressure or obligation to do so and she could have easily led with the later comment she made about her sister falling for a drunken Kevin. She bragging that her female friend thinks she would make a good girlfriend.

Your LGBT friends are not your playthings or experiments and a lot of women and men would find this attitude that they are just there to be experimented on when you get fed up with your opposite sex partner hurtful and disrespectful.

First of all, before saying anything, I just want everyone to know that I am a huge fan of B.A.P. They are one of the boy groups that have led me into k-pop and I really respect them, especially Yongguk.

Share year-old HyunA has been in the Korean pop industry for over a decade, juggling the various roles she’s filled since As a member of 4minute, HyunA was best known for her memorable, arguably polarizing vocal tone, her magnetic stage presence, and her sexy image. After fellow 4minute members Sohyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, and Jihyun decided not to renew their Cube Entertainment contracts in June of after seven years together, HyunA found herself in a complicated position that was made no easier by media and netizens.

HyunA’s North American The Queen’s Back Tour, then, is symbolic of the signer’s establishment as a full-time international soloist, and the perfect opportunity to connect with and thank some of the fans who have stood by her. The star, despite having her international it-girl moment after hundreds of millions around the world watched her do the horsey dance and charm Psy in “Gangnam Style,” has only performed in America once before as a soloist — back in , HyunA performed a four-song set to a crowd of K-pop fans at SXSW’s K-Pop Night Out.

Nearly three years later, she’s returned to North America, armed with five EPs of material to present to a much larger audience comprised of her loyal fanbase, affectionately named A-ings by the singer herself. The crowd was ready to scream their hearts out for the next two hours, shouting prematurely as the lights dimmed and fog engulfed the stage, only for the MC to step onto the stage and sheepishly apologize for getting their hopes up. HyunA wisely opened the show with her single “Roll Deep,” a synth-heavy track where HyunA marvels at her own fame, success, and beauty with lyrics like “My scale is different, you can’t touch this.

After a small translator-assisted chat, HyunA jumped into her single “Ice Cream,” where she alternates between talking about love in a coy voice and rapping about “diamond rings, so bling bling,” and the A Talk b-side “French Kiss,” a perfect mash-up of Missy Elliott’s “Lose Control” and Britney circa Afterwards, the MC introduced a segment that would help fans learn more about HyunA.

HyunA answered safe, fan-submitted questions, like “Where in New York would you shoot a music video?

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Kris oppa, don’t go. Everyone by now should have known about Kris right? I was shocked when I got the news because I was away when everything happened and when I finally got my cellphone back, I instantly saw 3 friends that sent me the exact same thing, telling me that Kris might be leaving. And you guessed it, I brawled for a whole 15 minutes.

Jan 19,  · Trouble Maker is a subgroup which debuted in with members Hyuna from the group 4minute and Hyun Seung or Jay Stomp (JS) from the group Beast a.k.a. B2ST. It was clear straight from the beginning that this duo would be different.

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