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Even if we use BCE as the date of authoring Daniel based on Naturalist bias, Daniel’s weeks prophecy contains a very accurate forth telling of the Christian faith. Six credible prophecies were fulfilled. Based on the evidence, modern scholars Naturalists are biased against the reality of prophecy at the There are only 14 chance in a 1, that this conclusion is not true due to random error. Below are reference web sites that successfully defend that the book of Daniel appears to have been authored in the 6th BCE. As you review the evidence presented at these web sites, keep in mind that we have shown that Naturalists are biased against the reality of prophecy. Since the future was revealed, it appears that God has revealed spiritual truth to humankind.

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Arguments for a late 2nd century BC dating: Anti-Prophetic Argument One of the first people to dispute the traditional dating of Daniel was Porphyry, a pagan philosopher whose arguments have been preseved by Jerome. He argues that some of the prophecies in Daniel are so congruent to the time of Antiochus IV Epiphanes, the book must have been written during his time BC. Linguistic Argument Many of the more modern arguments against the traditional dating of Daniel surround linguistic studies.

These arguments are built around loan words that are thought not present in the vernacular at the time when Daniel was traditionally written. Moreover, some consider the simple diversity of languages present in Daniel to indicate a later date.

THE LINGUISTIC ARGUMENT FOR THE DATE OF DANIEL by W.D. Jeffcoat, M.A. Apologetics Press, Inc. Landmark Drive Montgomery, AL U.S.A. / cate a late date for the authorship of Daniel. These will be followed by negative arguments in substantia-tion of an early date .

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This has changed over the past few decades because of the dramatic advances in digital imaging technologies and computer power. One of the best examples of this was the computer artistry of Ray Downing, whose digital re-creation of Jesus based on the Shroud was documented in “The Real Face of Jesus” program that appeared on the History Channel. In the past few years, digital artists around the world have been able to render their own interpretations of how Jesus may have appeared based on the Shroud and these show up from time to time on the internet.

The Dating of the Book of Daniel. The few examples of Apocalyptic in the Old Testament are all late, and the popularity of Apocalyptic in the New Testament is indication that it was a relatively new and popular literary form around the time of Jesus.

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There is no evidence to support the idea that Daniel was written in the s, as Daniel died in about BC. Let me change your question to “What evidence is there that Daniel was written in the s BC? You can get a copy at www. But, let me give you the short version! The strongest evidence that Daniel was written in the 6th century BC is the predictive prophecies themselves.

The visions found in Daniel predict with unimaginable accuracy that the 11th emperor of Rome Domitian would persecute the church, change the calendar and the legal system of Rome.

The late date of Daniel was supported by scholars who claimed that the Aramaic sections in Daniel belonged to a later period. However, more recent studies have found that the Aramaic used in Daniel was used in the courts and chancelleries from the seventh century BC on, and tends to .

Coppell, TX It is no accident that the three most attacked books of the Bible are also the most significant Genesis, Daniel, and Revelation. It is commonly known that if the foundation is faulty, the building will soon fall. This article will seek to refute the view that the Book of Daniel was written in the second century BC as many liberals claim and thus could not have been written by Daniel ca.

This being the case, the issue of the date of Daniel will be addressed first. Miller concisely states the importance of this study: English versions of the Bible are based on the canonical order given in the LXX. As such, Daniel is grouped with the three major writing prophets. Critics believe that since the Writings were collected after the prophetic canon was closed, Daniel could not have been written in the sixth century. A number of the Psalms and Proverbs were composed between ca.

The events in the Book of Job likely happened in the days of Abraham ca. Therefore finding Daniel among the Writings does not require a late date. AD may have moved Daniel from the Prophets to the Writings since much of the book is history and because Daniel was not a commissioned prophet to a certain people. A passage in this apocryphal work written about BC lists some notable OT figures but Daniel is not one of them.

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The membership criteria of the club are extremely strict, and candidates are heavily vetted. It was his first post-Potter — and his debut theatre — role after making five of the eight Potter movies. It was a decision that sent shockwaves through the film-watching world on a level akin to the once squeaky clean Miley Cyrus twerking in a nude bikini at the Grammy Awards.

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As to the date of the composition of Daniel, Daniel was born between B.C. and B.C. Since he most probably lived to the age of 85 or 90, we can presume that the book of Daniel was not composed later than B.C.

This article was republished in an full-color format in the Spring issue of Bible and Spade. Excerpt This article was originally published by Dr. Hasel in , and was reproduced in Bible and Spade with permission. Though the article is 20 years old, it has still significant information about the Book of Daniel found amongst the Dead Seas Scrolls. Most importantly, the existence of Daniel in the DSS disproves the skeptical position that Daniel was originally written in the 2nd century BC.

This position has been taken by skeptics to avoid the detailed prophecies in Daniel that ultimately came to pass, strong evidence for the divine authorship of Scripture. The Dead Sea Scrolls have demonstrated that the Old Testament was accurately transmitted during this Responding to a Skeptic You must be joking! Tags Support Like this artice?

Our Ministry relies on the generosity of people like you. Every small donation helps us develop and publish great articles. In the ‘s, two articles of vital interest on the Hebrew and Aramaic texts of the book of Daniel were published from among the Dead Sea scroll textual finds made originally in in Cave 4 at Qumran. From Discovery Until Publication Let me first briefly describe the outrageous delay that has occurred in the publication of many of the Dead Sea scrolls, discovered way back in — Biblical Archaeology Review BAR has played a major role in pushing for publication in a number of articles over the past few years, especially in and Shanks a, b, c, d,

Why the book of Daniel is important?

The Dating of the Book of Daniel. Although it does not actually claim to have been written in the sixth century BCE, the Book of Daniel gives clear internal dates such as “the third year of the reign of king Jehoiakim,” 1: Daniel and his associates are portrayed as Jewish Exiles in Babylon during that period. However, several internal inconsistencies give rise to certain questions and we are forced to ask whether these dates can be taken as the date of composition.

First, who was Belshazzar? The book of Daniel portrays him as the Babylonian king in the first year of whose reign Daniel has his dream of the four great beasts which come up out of the sea.

It is sometimes claimed that because the book of Daniel is not found in the books of the Prophets but rather in the books of Writings that this means the books was not considered canonical by the Jews and that this is evidence of its late date-see Rennie for instance.

Daniel Defoe, born , London , Eng. As a Nonconformist , or Dissenter, Foe could not send his son to the University of Oxford or to Cambridge; he sent him instead to the excellent academy at Newington Green kept by the Reverend Charles Morton. There Defoe received an education in many ways better, and certainly broader, than any he would have had at an English university. Although intended for the Presbyterian ministry, Defoe decided against this and by had set up as a merchant.

He dealt in many commodities, traveled widely at home and abroad, and became an acute and intelligent economic theorist, in many respects ahead of his time; but misfortune, in one form or another, dogged him continually. He wrote of himself: No man has tasted differing fortunes more, And thirteen times I have been rich and poor.

It was true enough. Opinions differ as to the cause of his collapse: He suffered further severe losses in , when his prosperous brick-and-tile works near Tilbury failed during his imprisonment for political offenses, and he did not actively engage in trade after this time. Soon after setting up in business, in , Defoe married Mary Tuffley, the daughter of a well-to-do Dissenting merchant.

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